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About Us


Long ago in 1945, Jaipuria started its journey in education with the establishment of Jaipuria College in Calcutta (now Kolkata), It is this unique heritage spanning 7 decades and 4 generations that sets apart Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools from other educational institutes.

The journey continued with the establishment of its first K-12 ICSE school in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in 1992, which was followed by 4 management institutes in Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur, and Indore.

Since 2014, the journey scaled up to higher peaks. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School has witnessed exponential growth with 50+ CBSE schools across 30 cities. and is ambitious to reach 75 schools by 2025.

Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras is led by doyens of exceptional vision who have always remained concerned about developing next generation of thought leaders. Jaipuria has been known to the city of Varanasi for centuries. A heritage spanning over seven decades and four generations that distinguishes Jaipuria from the others are a premier education identity of the country, with four management institutes of repute and over twenty (and counting) K-12 schools, which have gained the trust of people of the country. Jaipuria Schools made its headway into the mystical city of Varanasi in 2015 with a state-of theart school at Parao under the aegis of Unique Social Foundation. Continuing the commitment to provide high quality education, the second Jaipuria campus of Banaras is coming up in 2017 at Babatpur under the aegis of Vivekanand Educational Society. The pledge undertaken by all at Jaipuria is to provide superior quality education and international standard facilities to the students of the city. Today the name ‘Jaipuria’ is synonymous with excellence in education.


To build a strong nation and a prosperous society, we have channelized our efforts in education in Banaras, known as the Capital of Knowledge (Sarvvidya ki Rajdhani).

Together with the House of Jaipuria, a leading name in the field of education, we seek to provide sustainable quality education to the new generation. This new initiative – Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras is not just another private school, rather it is going to be a pioneering institution focusing entirely on nurturing and developing skills, aptitudes and attitudes for a meaningful existence in the 21st century.

Profoundly committed to an all-round education, we aim to nurture unique individual capacities with wisdom and joy.

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said ‘Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.

We at Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras aspire to provide students the best infrastructure & academic resources to develop them into the kind of human beings that the world needs for today and tomorrow.

With great joy, I welcome you to Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras.

Deepak Kumar Bajaj

Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools, Banaras


Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends. We at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras perceive excellence as a habit. Education today is dynamic. Research into the teaching aspect has thrown many innovative methods of teaching. There is a much deeper insight into the ways a child learns. Hence it is imperative that the teachers are thoroughly updated in the latest methods and the diligent use of them. We make sure that our faculty is aware and trained in the modern methodology of teaching and it is our intent to achieve the perfect teaching learning environment so as to facilitate the students and teachers to gain the best possible result.

We take into consideration, various aspects of education keeping in mind the needs of each child, by providing them a conducive and healthy environment leading them to an all-round development.

Education, which begins at home, is given a proper shape and direction at our school , so that they excel in all spheres of life. The new generation of children exhibit skills and talent of unparalleled genius. The future belongs to them and hence, guided in this light, we nurtured we run a programs, so that the inherent potential of young minds is nurtured. We are committed to build a lifelong relationship, a happy confident individual and a content human, to make this world a better place to live in.

Our message to students is to aim high in life, have confidence in themselves, work hard for which there is no substitute to achieve success, develop positivity in their thought and action, have passion for perfection and excellence in all their endeavors.

Love and respect other, and you would automatically earn their love and respect.

Manoj kumar Bajaj

Managing Trustee
Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools, Banaras


Dear Parent,

We at Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras, give our students wings to fly. The environment is holistic and student friendly. Our strong liberal art curriculum stirs imagination, develops student’s critical thinking and fosters a balance between academics and other activities

As the Principal, I invest in young souls to transform rough diamonds to shining gems. My endeavour is to nurture the strengths in each child and to offer each one an equal opportunity to succeed. For me, students are like clouds that come to add colour to my sunset sky.

These wonderful children brighten our days with their energy, creativity, and inspiration. We regard you– the parents as important stake holders in this journey. Visit our beautiful campus and you will see how we challenge and inspire young minds to love learning and to shape a better world.

I am sure your journey at Seth M. R. Jaipuria School will be truly rewarding.

Ashish Saxena

Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras (Parao Campus)


Sustainability, Possibility, Integrity, Collaboration & Empathy

Value 1: Sustainability

Sustainability: Knowing, respecting, complying declared policies and practices to protect environmental norms for larger public welfare. (e.g. no plastic, smoke-free, paperless workplace)

Level 1: Does not demonstrate behavior for adhering to organizational norms to protect environment; rarely demonstrates desirable behavior for public good and welfare;

Level 2: Sometimes demonstrates behavior reflecting adherence of organizational norms to protect environment, demonstrates desirable behavior for public good and welfare often;

Level 3: Mostly demonstrates behavior reflecting adherence of organizational norms to protect environment, and mostly demonstrates desirable behavior for public good and welfare;

Level 4: Always demonstrates behavior for adhering to organizational norms to protect environment, demonstrates adequate knowledge of policies and organizational norms, always demonstrates desirable behavior for welfare; leads and guides others for compliance.

Level 5: Knows, thinks and behaves like a role model for others.

Value 2: Possibility

Possibility: Belief and behavior of optimism, openness to new ideas and experiences, trying new and innovative ways to do things, commitment for individual & team goal achievement with never-say- die attitude. Persistence & Passion.

Level 1: Inadequate demonstration of efforts to explore new ideas and absence of never-say-die attitude. Does not make efforts towards new experiences.

Level 2: Often demonstrates efforts to know and learn new things and sometimes demonstrates never-say-die attitude for achieving goals. Sometimes show openness to new experiences.

Level 3: Mostly demonstrates efforts to know and learn new things and never-say-die attitude, persistence and passion for achieving goals. Oftentimes demonstrates consistent pattern for exploring new experience.

Level 4: Always demonstrate efforts to know and learn new things and never-say-die attitude for achieving goals. He/she has a habit for exploring new experience. Regularly demonstrates persistence and passion.

Level 5: Knows, thinks and behaves like a role model for others in the field of optimism, possibility, persistence and passion.

Value 3: Integrity

Integrity: Adherence to moral values, team vision & mission & demonstration of the team code of conduct. Honesty, transparency and behavioral consistency in variety of situations.

Level 1: Does not adhere to declared values, team vision and mission, team goals and rules in the organization.

Level 2: Core values is somewhat evident in the behavior, sometimes demonstrate adherence to team goals, rules and norms.

Level 3: Core values of organization are mostly evident in the behavior, and demonstrates adherence to the individual & team goals, rules and norms in workplace more often.

Level 4: Core values of organizations evident in behavior and always demonstrate adherence to the goals, norms and rules of organization. Honesty and transparency in the conduct are regularly visible.

Level 5: Knows, thinks and behaves like a role model for others in the field of team vision, mission and values. Acts like an ambassador of honesty and transparency.

Value 4: Collaboration

Collaboration: Working together, sharing, cooperation, coordination, synergy, organization over teams, and team over individual mindset and behavior.

Level 1: Works in isolation, demonstrates inadequate concern for team and organization interest. Lacks significantly in sharing ideas/resources, coordination and cooperation with other individual and teams.

Level 2: Shares, cooperates and synergizes with other team members sometimes, demonstrates primacy of team work once in a while.

Level 3: Regularly shares resources and ideas with others and takes initiative to help in task achievement of other group members

Level 4: Shares & gives personal support and ideas all the time, helps and contributes every time in team task achievement without over concern for individual/self-targets.

Level 5: Guides, mentors and facilitates quality collaborative initiatives amongst individuals, team and all stakeholders within and outside the organization.

Value 5: Empathy

Empathy: Understanding and imaginatively entering into the world of others thoughts manifesting into listening & acceptance, affinity, warmth and compassion.

Level 1: Does not listen to team members and other stakeholders in workplace and singularly refuses to accept others point of view and respect them.

Level 2: Occasionally appreciates and listens to higher in authority and selected few peers and sometimes accept others point of view, understand their situation and respect them.

Level 3: Mostly respectful to others (including those at lower rungs in power hierarchy) thoughts, ideas and situation and largely accepts their point of view if not completely contrary to his/her own viewpoint. Shows & builds affinity & warmth with others.

Level 4: Always listens and reflects on others opinion in the workplace and accepts others point of view even if they are opposite to his/her own opinion. Demonstrates personal warmth and affinity to others world view without compromising truth and larger team objectives.

Level 5: Provides safe and secured emotional space to others to appropriately agree, disagree, open up, becoming vulnerable for larger public and personal good. Nurtures acceptance, tranquility and calmness 360*.


Individual Attention

The school provides personalized attention to its students. Which ensures that every child is able to learn at his/her own pace.


Religious Teachings

Apart from academic learning, the school provides teachings on religious principles. These help enrich the values and beliefs. .


A Balanced Program

There is a balanced program for students i.e. they can simultaneously get involved in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. .


Small Class Size

Due to smaller class size, students can focus in a better way. A strong student-teacher ratio enhances child’s performance.


High Academic Standards

Jaipuria Schools have high academic standards that create a culture of academic excellence, encouraging all students to excel.


Innovative and Exciting Curriculum

The idea is that the students should look at teaching-learning as a way of life, not as a compulsion. Our aim is create an environment where children are learning with fun.


Jaipuria Teachers

The teachers are selected through a stringent selection procedure by the Jaipuria Corporate Office and then trained and oriented on the Jaipuria Pedagogy. They are both qualified and passionate about their subjects and hold advanced degrees in their field.


A Safe Environment

Jaipuria schools have high reputation for maintaining highest standards for discipline and respect. It provides a very safe environment for its students as well as its staffs.


Parental Involvement

The Jaipuria Schools allow open communication between parents and administration. We make it a priority to involve parents in the community, which helps strengthen parent-child relationships.


Community Environment

For students, we strive to provide a school environment that is motivating, supportive and nurturing.



We have more resources available that can improve the overall student’s experience. It includes everything from state of the art learning tools & technology to teachers with specialized knowledge.


Good Networking

If your child attends a Jaipuria school, then he/she will become a part of the alumni network. Ultimately, it opens up different career opportunities down the line.


Expectation of Success

If a parent invests in private education, then it enables them to prioritize their child's development and customize their education experience to be successful.


Job Preparation through Life Skills

Jaipuria schools prepare students for the real world by teaching them life skills that can get them ready for their career . The curriculum emphasizes on critical thinking & learning how to learn.


Campus Culture

The Campus culture at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools is tailored to students’ values & personalities.


Fulfills Educational Requirements

Seth M.R. Jaipuria schools provide its students with the opportunity to find an educational approach that best suits them.


Personal Development

At Jaipuria, a student's personal growth & development go hand in hand with academic preparation. Henceforth, they are better prepared for college and for their careers.


Unity in Diversity

We strongly believe that diversity enriches the educational environment. Therefore, we enroll students from different racial, ethnic, cultural & socio-economic backgrounds and educate the students about each other’s values and culture.


Promoting a Sense of Responsibility

At Jaipuria, our aim is to make children responsible citizens of the nation, & to serve others selflessly.


Infrastructure and Resources

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School believes in providing a comfortable environment and the right ambience to support the holistic development of a child., The infrastructure includes all the required resources for academics and sports.


Preparation for higher studies

Jaipuria School plays a prominent role in grooming the child & preparing the child for the appropriate higher education and career based on the skills and competency.


Superior Facilities

The campus of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School has spacious air conditioned classrooms, computer labs, state-of-art library, auditorium, canteen and more.


Cost-effective education

At Jaipuria, we strive to provide cost-effective, quality education to our students. We believe on the principle of “education for all”.


Parent Friendly Management

At our school, all types of grievances are addressed in a systematic manner. Our polite and parent friendly management ensures transparency between the parents and school management.


Inter-branch Transfer Priority

The strong presence and network of Jaipuria Schools allows the smooth transfer of the child from one city to another as the curriculum delivery is same and parallel for all the Jaipuria schools and driven by the Academics Team of the Corporate Office.


Parents Orientation Programme Facility

The Jaipuria Schools are a source of learning for the parents also and educate them about the parenting process which ensures that the child is always enriched with a learning atmosphere.


Child Friendly Evaluation System

In this type of education system, there is no fear of Pass or Fail. Therefore, students can study and learn without any panic or stress.


Language Skill Development

At Jaipuria, we give special emphasis on language and mathematics to ensure that the children are ready to compete in a global environment.


School Removes Stage Phobia

The students are given the exposure to exhibit their leadership qualities through various activities which ensures that there is no stage phobia.


No Discrimination in Imparting Education

At Jaipuria, there is no discrimination in imparting education and guiding children irrespective of caste, creed, social, financial, and family status of the children.


Learning is a Pleasure not Pain

At our school, learning is always fun and enjoying. They won’t get bored easily as the school curriculum is flexible, easy to learn and encourage participation.


No Punishment Zone

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, no punishment was given to the students. Any sort of harassment or torture is strictly prohibited.


Homely Atmosphere

We take great care in nurturing the child and also provide homely environment to all our students. They are treated fairly & equally.


Sharing of All Kinds of Development Activities

The School shares all kinds of development regarding child with the concerned parents from time to time.


Personal Approach of the Local & Corporate Management

The approach of the local & corporate management is very professional and disciplined.


Homely Atmosphere

Here at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, students get a pleasant homely atmosphere. Also, it is assured that your child would get great care and support.


Child Friendly Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is flexible, interactive and requires participation. Therefore, students get to know everything, which is very essential for their physical, mental as well as moral development.


Easy Child Settling Procedures

At Jaipuria, each and every child’s activity and behavior is managed in an effective and efficient manner. A step by step procedure is followed while managing a child.


Scholastic & Non-Scholastic Activities

At Jaipuria School, equal importance is being given to both scholastic as well as non-scholastic activities.


Mutual Interaction

The School shares all kinds of development regarding child with the concerned parents from time to time.


Better Career Prospects

Jaipuria Alumni is studying at Harvard, Stanford, London Business School, IIT, IIM, and others. Jaipuria Alumni is working at many PSUs and other MNCs such as Google, Unilever etc.


Focus on Child’s Interest

We help each and every child discover their X factor. Every child has a unique potential and we provide the platform and resources to help children achieve the excellence in their respective fields.


Excellent Board Results

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, 99% of the students get first divisions in their Board exams. All India Board exam Rank 2nd in 2015, & Rank 3rd in 2014.


Internationally Researched Curriculum

At Jaipuria, both teachers as well as students can get access to 200,000 sheets of lesson plans, internationally researched curriculum and more.


Enhanced Learning Materials Developed by Experts

A team of experts prepare the curriculum as well as books and other reading materials for our students. So, the quality is redefined.


Learning Enriched with Values

Jaipuria Schools emphasize on holistic learning. We provide students a platform to nurture their talents and showcase their abilities.


Holistic Assessment

At Jaipuria, assessment and appreciation of growth takes place from a holistic point of view.


Direct Connect with Teachers & School Team

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, both the teachers and the school team openly communicate with each other regarding the overall growth & development of the child.


Regular Parenting Workshops

Parenting is a very important factor for the development of a child and hence we conduct regular Parenting Workshops to ensure that the child get an appropriate environment for the holistic growth.


Student Counseling

We provide structured counseling support to the students in academic, social as well as career development.


Globally Benchmarked Pre-Primary Books

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, content is designed according to the developmental needs of children.


Centralized Trainings

From time to time, centralized trainings were being conducted to bring together teachers from all locations under one roof.


Supportive Environment

At Jaipuria, students get support as well as resources that can enrich them & help them to unleash their full potential.


Encourages Participation

Pinnacle and Crescendo, the inter-Jaipuria sports and cultural meets, help students perform on a better stage.


Learn from Different Disciplines and Perspectives

This interdisciplinary learning gives students a wider and deeper understanding. Therefore, they can be a confident learner.


Students Learn about Themselves

At Jaipuria, students are learning about their capabilities, they are learning what they can offer to the world.


Modern Facilities

At Jaipuria, students get a happy & safe environment, the best of technology, and new-age facilities to learn and succeed with confidence.


Groomed to Use Mind Power Wisely

The teachers encourage their students to ask questions and find answers for the same. Every activity and module is designed in a way to help students learn & grow confidently.


Goal Oriented Strategy

The goal oriented strategy at Jaipuria makes a student highly competitive. The students always have the winning attitude and strive to achieve their goals every day.


Learning & Exploration

At Jaipuria, a student is at the core of learning. Exploration, experimentation and experience are their teachers. Students learn better because they learn by doing.